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(Español) Curso Community Management

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(Español) Las redes sociales de su empresa, en buenas manos

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Why do they call it Social Media when they want to say Social network? Do you know the difference?

There is a common mistake in digital marketing and that is to confuse the meaning of ‘Social Media’ and ‘Social networks.’

In this post we are going to explain the difference between the two concepts to you.

‘Social media’ alludes to Social Channels, which are the apps, and mass media where we can create conversations, audience, participation, collaboration and exchange content between users.

What falls under the category Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, WordPresss, Linkedin, Pinterest, Blogs, Youtube…

Right now, you will be thinking, ‘But aren’t Facebook, Twitter, and the rest social networks.

The answer is no. Actually they are Social Channels.

A social network is something that is created in Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to connect thousands of users, to interact with each other and share posts.

It’s a big social structure set up for groups of people with common interests and thoughts, a place where they connect between each other and build a relationship.

They use social channels like Facebook to create a relationship and communicate with each other.

For example, Twitter is a social channel where you can create a social network (chats, share tweets, retweets…)

It builds a bi-directional connection between users.

Aright, having reached this point, we are going to define ‘Social Media.’Social Media is the strategy that a company carries out about its brand on social channels.

It’s hard work, which requires time and patience, because followers and fans, they don’t appear up from nothing. Unless you have an important brand who has a really good position on the market like Adidas, Nike, Jägermeister…

The better you know your client, the better it is for you to have a strong brand and it would be easier to make your brand known in the media.

We give you some advice to work in Social Media:

  1. Know you audience: You have to know who your strategy is for. Who is your target audience? What do they like or what are they interested in? For that you use the Empathy Map that we explained you in the last post.
  2. Always prefer good followers over bad ones. You need followers who love and embrace the brand. Because then, they are the ones who are going to convert on your website. It’s better to have fewer followers instead of many of bad quality.
  3. Take the control of your actions in your different social channels. Try to connect them with each other. They should have a common tone and objective.
  4. A good definition of your Media channels it’s necessary.

¿ Do you see the difference between Social Networks and Social Media?

Thanks for reading.






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(Español) Bueno no, lo siguiente

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(Español) Guía rápida de Facebook para madres

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Video as Facebook profile

Remember the time “pre-avatar”? Nobody even knew what it meant and a ‘profile picture’ was the photo in your ID. A photo that you were trapped with for YEARS until your ID expired and it was time to get a new one. A photo by the way everyone looks horrible in, no matter how much they try.


(Vía Dayliquenchers) (more…)

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This is great content! Part II: how to create it?

In our post “This is great content! Part I: What is it?” we explained the recipe for content to go viral: humor, brilliance, ability to evoke emotions and create a trend, truth/reality or best all of these things combined. In one word: it has to be AWESOME. Yes, I know, it’s easier said than done.

It’s true that much of the content goes viral by chance and against all predictions. Wait! Did anyone say Ecce Homo? Whatever, intentionally or not, everything that’s viral has at least one of the features mentioned above, so what we need is to think about is how to apply them to our contents.

Notice that I said “think” – and here comes the best part: because the only thing we need is a good idea and the good news is that ideas are free of charge! They are within everyone’s reach. So you don’t need to be a big company with a high budget to create a good online marketing campaign.

It’s not about what, but about how


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This is great content!

This is great content! Parte I: ¿Qué es?

Imagina que estas Navidades te regalan una cajita perfectamente envuelta y con un lazo rojo brillante. Y luego lo abres y no hay nada. Qué decepción, ¿no? Pues lo mismo pasa si vendes un producto que es malo o si tu contenido está vacío. No hay nada que dé más rabia que darle a un link y que tras esperar que cargue pienses “¿para esto le he dado al link??” (Sí, esto hace quince años no pasaba pero ahora el mundo está así de loco).


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Página personal de Facebook para tu empresa. Por qué NO

Por qué NO tener una página personal de Facebook para tu empresa:

El hecho de tener una empresa y querer estar en Facebook es bueno, muy bueno. Significa que estás al día y tienes ganas de que tu negocio vaya bien. Que eres innovador, emprendedor y social y quieres que tu empresa también lo sea.

No obstante, hay un abc que debes seguir. Muchas veces me he encontrado con solicitudes de amistad de empresas. Es el primer error. Un mal comienzo, con todos los respetos. Es muy común ver pequeños negocios que se presentan en Facebook como (me lo invento) “Autorecambios J. J. y hermanos SL” y envían una amistad a todos sus amigos:



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