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(Español) Las redes sociales de su empresa, en buenas manos

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and Catalan.

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How to contact Facebook in 2017

contact facebook

If you want to know how to contact Facebook in 2017, first thing to do: keep reading. Second thing to do: open the platform Business Manager.

Every time Facebook changes its platform features (no more than a couple of times a year) a Community Manager cries alone in a corner or if lucky, loses 20 minutes of his/her precious time trying to find the online form that takes their doubts directly to Facebook’s mailbox.

Before hitting the nail on its head, it is very likely that you will enter a vicious cycle that will lead you from “community questions” to “give us feedback” for a while. We know your time is important, so here you have it, we tell you

how to contact Facebook in 2017 in 3 steps:


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The Empathy Map: Know what your audience wants

Surely you made a comment around the lines “ Nobody will see this” about a TV program that you hate, and then you think “But really what madmen watch this?

Then someone comes and tells you.. “ Not everyone has the same taste as you ” That’s correct. This person is right.

Because no all people are the same , we define us through our circumstances, surroundings, and lived experiences. All these are reasons why we are different from each other.

This is what we have to keep in mind when we think about creating a social media strategy.

We need to know to whom we are going to speak to ensure that our content is interesting to the reader.

To know the likes of our target audience we want to show you a tool that is very useful and help you to get to know them: the Empathy Map


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